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Rethink proposal best practices & accelerate your career successes

We have what it takes to help you become a passionate and consistent Deal Winner, land higher ranks and better job positions. All you need to do is make a small investment that will have a tremendous impact on your career. Our certification course guided by an able bid and proposal mentor will make you aware of the nuances of writing a response.

You will understand the difference between just writing a response and responding to customer requirements. The challenges that proposal writers face on a day-to-day basis and how to overcome those are few of the benefits that the certifications help with. You will be fortunate enough to meet several industry stalwarts during your association with APMP and pick their wisdom.


Tell compelling stories and rank higher

APMP India is your straight-forward success mantra for winning proposals, telling compelling business stories and advancing in your career. With the correct training from industry mentors combined with your personal effort, you can quickly progress through the ranks from entry-level Bid Coordinator/Assistant roles all the way up to Head of Units for Bids and Proposals.

If you’re considering a career in Bid & Proposal, APMP India is ready to assist you with the valuable resources and our dedicated career centre will also help you get started.


Connect with industry veterans and grow consistently

Once you are a member of the profession, there is a strong community to support you through your career. We offer career mentoring and provide a forum to share your thoughts and gain feedback from your peers. Connecting with our industry experts not only helps improve your spectrum of knowledge but also gets you closer to your dream job. You will cherish the awesome networking events and opportunities that will help put forth your thoughts.


Improve your value prospects in the job market

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Take winning courses & apply best practices

We understand that the challenge for many proposal writers and managers lies in acquiring knowledge/content from experts promptly. That’s why we have made the process of learning more streamlined and effective.


Connect with the most influential mentors in the industry

We have such programs that aim to do more than just connect a mentor to a mentee. Our programs are designed to provide greater access to peers, hiring employees and introducing them to new methodologies to overcome challenges in our field.