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Study Guides & Glossary

APMP Foundation-level Certification Study Guide

This is the official study guide for the APMP Foundation-level certification exam. This guide is the reference material for every question on the APMP Foundation exam.

Industry Glossary of Terms

A secondary resource for APMP’s Foundation–level exam. This resource delivers common language, vendor-neutral references that represent complex industry activities, regardless of business size or geographic region.

The glossary provides significant guidance to members preparing to take the APMP Foundation exam, and it may be used as an open book reference.

Writing Business Bids & Proposals for Dummies

Gain the collected knowledge and skills of the professional proposal writer – without having to be one!

Discover what the professionals know and apply it to your own business, to improve the way you capture prospects and communicate with existing customers.

Body of Knowledge

The APMP Body of Knowledge (BOK) represents the collected wisdom of the world’s leading professionals in proposal, bid, and opportunity management and business development. It is a resource for professionals at all levels, from production team members through senior management. The best practices collected here are designed to apply to diverse and wide-ranging geographies, business sizes, and procurement environments.

A list of best practices forms the backbone of each APMP BOK chapter. These are considered the most important things business development professionals should know about each topic in the APMP BOK. In many chapters, you can deepen your understanding by reading explanations of recent trends in a given space, how best practices can be applied in diverse environments, and common mistakes to avoid.

The APMP BOK is available to all APMP members as part of their membership.

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