Supriya Rao

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Supriya Rao


Supriya brings in a good blend of technical as well as relationship management capabilities while engaging in thoughtful conversations with the customer business and IT functions thus directly contributing to the organization’s business growth by positioning relevant software platforms and products that result in improved operational efficiencies, cost savings, advanced analytics and accelerated time-to-market.

Supriya has the ability to respond in real-time to customer needs and makes decisions that are faster, agile and effective across all aspects of business functions that would help the organization respond faster than competition.

Currently Sr. Presales Director, APMP India Co-Chair & Board Member, Supriya successfully intends to transform the sales function into multi-disciplinary and cross-functional sales enablement units supporting global sales teams, improving sales performance and achieving sales targets. Focus would be on winning deals, reducing sales cycle time, enhancing customer experience, new account acquisition, penetrating existing accounts and reducing cost of sales.