Shashi Kapoor Kukar

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Shashi Kapoor Kukar


With an M.Phil in English Literature and nearly 20 years in different roles across Marketing, Content and Bid & Proposal Management, Shashi K has a unique passion – to bring art to the science of business proposals. Business and the interplay of human emotions is an area of interest for her. She helps people tell stories, lending them an identifiable voice while showcasing enduring value for their clients.

In her current role, she helps teams design and develop infrastructure for the end-to-end sales cycle. The team’s key priority is to accelerate the deal cycle, industrialize the proposal creation process and build quality content that is client centric and competitively differentiated.

Over the last two years, she has been partnering with business leaders, SMEs and experts to drive the transformation agenda. Harnessing the power of automation to create exemplary stakeholder experience, she has successfully created a world-class capability.

This was validated by the APMP ‘Best Team of the Year’ award at BPC 2020. Driven by a desire to make a difference, her journey has been fuelled by meaningful connections and people. Her work across local & global teams in a matrixed environment provides her the perfect canvas to understand and explore a variety of perspectives. An avid reader with a keen interest in literature & poetry, she loves to explore the many facets of women. Other areas of interest include music & spirituality.