V. Rangarajan

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V. Rangarajan

Founder at Avvron - Research and Solution Development

Rangarajan mainly operates in two domains. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is the domain he has been involved in for over two decades. His roles have spanned product development, project and business management in addition to a current role of technical advisor and member of a NHAI standing committee on ITS.

The other domain is Microclimate Management. Fascinated by the science behind the role played by plants, trees and technology in enabling thermal comfort, Rangarajan has actively researched to create inhabitable outdoor and indoor living spaces in otherwise uninhabitable regions. The Earth Air Heat Exchanger, the subject of his PhD, is a component of such a system.

Formal education has been enduring. With an Undergraduate engineering degree in 1982 and a PhD in 2019, his education has also seen a Masters in Electrical Engineering, a Masters in Electronics Engineering (Control Systems) and a Diploma in Renewable Energy.

On his journey towards achieving childhood dreams, he has recently received his Amateur Radio License and is close to obtaining his Private Pilot License.