Jaspreet Kalyan

Winner Insights Jaspreet KalyanWhat inspires you the most in your role as a Bid Manager?

The Bid Manager role is one of the most important and pivotal roles that not only interacts with all cross-functional teams within the organisation but also brings in a value-driven perspective on the needs and requirements of the clients. The concept of having a client-centric approach that resonates well within the clients’ implicit and explicit needs is very exciting as well as gives a deeper insight into clients’ viewpoints. This thought process essentially forms the building blocks of winning a business. The most inspirational trait for this role is that the depth and reach of the Bid Manager is not limited to any boundaries and the expertise that this role brings is having a direct impact on winning business for the organisation.

Did you always aspire to be a Bid Manager and Why? or Did you accidentally land in this profession and How?

Honestly, I was exposed to the traditional Bid management activities when I entered into the corporate world from my Army transition and had no idea at that time. However, post the initial inoculation I was intrigued to know more about the role as it was such an important crucial position around which the whole order intake revolves. So, I would say I did land accidentally but the sheer depth the role brought within the organisation was the most exciting trait that kept me exploring more and more.

What tactics and strategies did you leverage in your role that ultimately led you to win this award?

I was very vocal about the following aspects while I was penning down my thoughts for submission:

  • Showcasing the learning from APMP that helped me build up an organisation that has a very strong foundation on industry best practices, processes, and tools.
  • Promoting the APMP knowledge within the organisation and how the bid management function can become more efficient and effective
  • Future State- Articulated on how the award can light sparks to all the aspiring Bid Managers on their future career journey so that they continue their learnings in the field of Bid and Proposal Management

What advice would you want to give to the next-generation professionals or your peers?

The best advice that I can mention is being heavily “Client Centric “. The role revolves around ever-changing tactics, thoughts of our clients but the very core for Bid managers is to understand what is the need of your clients. Understanding your client’s needs can be really difficult at times but once it is rightly mapped, half of the battle is won.
The next follow-up step is “Effective Pre-Engagement” with clients. Only after you engage with clients you will be able to unearth the real needs, hence it is really important to be proactive rather than reactive.

 Please give us one tip for creating a Winning Proposal?

Winning proposals start with understanding your client needs and thinking from their viewpoints. Do not assume that your solution is what the client is looking for rather than validate it with a process of understanding. Follow the below methodology to be more effective in winning your clients:

  • Understand your clients’ NEEDS
  • Map the needs with OUTCOMES your solution would provide
  • Articulate NEEDS & OUTCOMES with SERVICE CONCEPTS that your organisation has to offer
  • And finally, showcase your past work with EVIDENCE as a confidence-building measure

What is something you wish others understood about the importance of Bid Management in today’s market?

The Bid Manager’s role is not merely coordination but way beyond and that is where we are slowly marching towards. With more and more organisations starting to understand the importance of this role, it is to be viewed as a mirror image of the sales fraternity where Bid Managers are not only responsible for stitching the proposal together but also are focused on what the clients’ needs, wants and unearthing the real cause of RFX . The perceived value of Bid Manager is a learning curve which is showing very positive trends over the past few years and it is the responsibility of each one of us to ensure we break the shackles of the traditional mindset of co-ordination experts  to a very value-driven team.

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