Hardik Mota

Hardik Mota

What inspires you the most in your role as a Bid Manager?
Bid manager as a role helps me to develop a strategic thinking every time in order to understand client objectives and create a unique value proposition, thus, adding value to my organization as well as to my clients. Also, this role not only ensures that the bids turn out to be successful for the growth of my organization but also develops my skills as a leader as well as an effective communicator for the client. It also makes me confident to take up higher challenges while managing large complex bids which involves working and managing a number of stakeholders from across the organization. It establishes my interpersonal skills, as a bid manager has to interact and work with various stakeholders and yet ensure high quality bid response that represents an organization’s ability to deliver the contract.

Did you always aspire to be a Bid Manager and Why? or Did you accidentally landed in this profession and How?
I always had a keen interest to be in a role where I could leverage my strengths of writing and communication. After my engineering, I was in search of a role where I could use my knowledge and strengths which will help me to add value to an organization. Although I started my career into sales for 2 years, but eventually once I started responding to bids in these 2 years, I could understand my strengths can be best leveraged in the bid management role as it includes not only effective writing and communication but you also represent your organization and are responsible for its success which was in line to my aspirations. Pursuing my MBA later from JBIMS, which is an esteemed B-school helped me to enhance my role and also helped me to apply what I had learnt into practice. I have been in the bid management role for more than a decade now and I am passionate about delivering value and enhancing my knowledge as I progress in my career.

What tactics and strategies did you leverage in your role that ultimately led you to win this award?
In my experience, working collaboratively is a key to success. Any team wants to develop the ability to grow as both individuals and as a whole. When building a team, each member should be clear on their role, knowing where they fit in and knowing that they can depend on other team members, teamwork is imperative. Being open and approachable will encourage ownership and accountability and this will also help motivate the team. These are few tactics that I have been following which has helped me to grow and learn over years. My passion for my role and my persuasive writing skills in bid management have helped me to win this award.

What advice would you want to give to the next-generation professionals or your peers?
After a few years of working, I was given the opportunity to lead large complex opportunities and working on large accounts. I was a little overwhelmed, however I went back to basics and always developed a strategic plan focused on aligning solution to client needs. I always developed a communication plan and tracker with clear roles, responsibilities and deadlines. Quite simply, I was then able to manage to plan (taking into the account the variations that happen while bidding) and ensure that I was able to respond on time. I would advise my peers to always stick to the basics of what they have learnt in the beginning of their career and always keep abreast of the latest bid practices at every stage. 
In addition to managing the number of stakeholders, I found the way I communicated needed to be different depending on who I was engaging with. So, other aspect is to maintain strong relationships within the organization which is a key to succeed in the bid management role.

Please give us one tip for creating a Winning Proposal?
I have always worked well in a team, I try and always take everyone’s abilities into account, it’s easier to know someone’s potential if you know what they are capable of. I always try to keep positive and encourage the team to give their inputs so as to receive a holistic approach to bidding and it helps to move in a direction of winning. I believe that with the right motivation any team can do great things and this has a lot to do with communication. So, team work with the right planning and direction even before a bid arrives helps to create a winning proposal. Also, a key to winning is applying APMP best practices in a bid along with the use of right technology and automation tools for bid processes.

What is something you wish others understood about the importance of Bid Management in today’s market?
It is essential that a bid manager has a deep understanding of the commercial and operational aspects of a business. The role is crucial to understand the aspects of creating a winning value for a client’s organization. So, bid management in today’s market is important for an organization to succeed in their proposal responses in order to win accounts and ensure Y-O-Y organizational growth. Bid management is at the heart of an organization’s structure and can really add value and support to an organization in its success journey.

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