Aditya Dohroo


What inspires you the most in your role as a Bid Manager?
Role of the Bid manager is very crucial as they work closely with the organization’s sales engine which is the only revenue generating unit.Stakes are high while managing complex bids in today’s ultra-competitive business, as one small mistake can lead to disqualification and entire effort can go in vein.

Did you always aspire to be a Bid Manager and Why? or Did you accidentally land in this profession and How?
Bid Manger is possibly the only individual who is well connected with almost all the functions within the organization and yet remains a client facing role. It’s a highly visible and critical role which expects you to be adept in technical, functional, commercial and interpersonal skills. 

What tactics and strategies did you leverage in your role that ultimately led you to win this award?
We leverage best of the breed Proposal automation tools & Adobe’s own creative cloud suite for strategizing, collaborating and delivering high quality, interactive and compelling proposal responses. 

What advice would you want to give to the next-generation professionals or your peers?

  • One obvious mistake that proposal professionals usually do is, leaving Executive summary for the Sales team to complete. We believe there is nothing more enticing in the entire proposal than writing the executive summary which is unarguably the most valuable section of your proposal.
  • Proposal managers also miss the trick and leave executive summary as the very last item in their bid plan to complete. Drafting the executive summary right at the beginning (even before attempting the rest of the sections) helps a lot. It sets the tone for the rest of the proposal response.
  • For all practical purposes, the word “Summary” is misunderstood here and bid managers usually summarizes the entire proposal in 3-4 paragraphs  and consider the job is done. It should rather be customer centric outlining why the customer should choose you among the competition.

Please give us one tip for creating a Winning Proposal?
Write the proposals keeping evaluators in mind. Read the RFP multiple times to see if customer has mentioned proposal evaluation criteria and come up with a scoring matrix using that. The scoring matrix will allow you to you rank various sections of proposal based on their importance in the minds of evaluators.

What is something you wish others understood about the importance of Bid Management in today’s market?
The bid manager is like a conductor of an orchestra. He may not be able to play a instrument but he’s actually there to pull of all the inputs together to create a wonderful piece of “Professional Music”.

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