Avalon Information Systems – Technical Proposal Manager

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New Delhi/Gurgaon
Posted 3 years ago

Company: Avalon Information Systems
Experience: 05 yrs
Seniority Level: Mid-Senior level
Industry: Information Technology & Services
Job Functions: Information Technology, Business Development & Strategy/Planning

Job Profile:

The essential duty is to ensure that all of the company’s proposals are fully executed from start to finish. This involves coordinating the proposal process, preparing the actual proposals and presenting them to clients. Proposal Managers often work on tight deadlines, and have to delegate tasks required to complete a proposal, such as writing, editing and other efforts associated with the process.

Once a Request for Proposal (RFP) is received, you are responsible for reading the document to understand the client’s expectations, deadlines and budget. You will take notes and write out questions to discuss with the CPO, our company technical experts, and the client, before starting on any proposal preparation. You will then draft a plan, outline each stage of the proposal and create a schedule to meet all necessary deadlines. When authorized by the CPO to begin, you will delegate tasks and gather resources and the expertise of other employees to succeed in the proposal process.

  • Conduct daily research and assessment of opportunities for submission of proposals that align with the core competencies of the company.
  • Determine proposal concept by identifying and clarifying opportunities and needs; studying requests for proposal (RFPs); attending strategy meetings.
  • Consult with senior management on the selection of proposals to be submitted.
  • Meet proposal deadline by establishing priorities and target dates for information gathering, writing, review, and approval; entering and monitoring tracking data; coordinating requirements with contributors; contributing proposal status information to review meetings; transmitting proposals.
  • Track the status of proposal preparation and submission, with the support of key technical staff for information technology sections (architecture, workflows, technology stack, user experience, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, software development, user acceptance testing, deployment, training, technical support and maintenance) and estimation of level of effort to achieve expected outputs.
  • Write technical proposal including these sections: executive summary, objectives, approach, methodology, expected outcomes, activities, outputs/deliverables, implementation schedule, management and staffing, risk mitigation, and quality assurance.
  • Write financial proposal including these sections: budget summary, breakdown by activities, breakdown by team members, travel estimates, other expenses, payment schedule, terms and conditions.
  • Write and update proposal annexes including: company profile, company project portfolio, biodata of team members, company references, and other relevant company documentation.
  • Coordinate and edit sections drafted by other contributors.
  • Synthesize raw content from various sources into a cohesive and comprehensive proposal.
  • Maintain high-quality technical writing by using templates; following proposal-writing standards including readability, consistency, and tone.
  • Ensure draft of final submission is peer-reviewed for substantive content, grammar, spelling, consistency, accuracy, and clarity.
  • Ensure final submission is compliant with all guidelines as specified in the solicitation.
  • Ensure the final submission is carried out in a timely and orderly manner.
  • Track the status of the evaluation of the proposal after submission until a decision is made.

Required Skills:

You must be extremely well organized and have excellent writing skills. You must also be able to supervise and train supporting staff, prepare presentations and schedule meetings with clients to discuss and negotiate proposal details and timelines.

  • Ability to deliver compliant, professionally produced proposals within client agreed upon timeframes.
  • Able to communicate compellingly at a senior level.
  • Ability to guide subject matter experts in persuasive technical proposal writing to produce winning content
  • Understanding of the context of the company’s area of expertise and project experience in building data-driven software solutions for sustainable development.
  • Proven technical writing skills and track record of creating compelling, clear, and succinct proposals.
  • Strong time management skills
  • Exceptional organizational skills and an ability to manage competing priorities under tight deadlines.
  • Proficiency in word processing, spreadsheet management, and slideshow presentations.
  • Exception proficiency in English required.
  • Proficiency in French, Spanish, Arabic considered an advantage.

Minimum Requirements:

  • A minimum of 5 years in preparing successful technical and financial proposals.
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to understand and write about complex technical topics.
  • Knowledge of socio-economic development programmes implemented by government institutions and international development organizations, such as, the United Nations, international NGOs, and bilateral donors.
  • Strong attention to detail, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax.
  • Familiarity and/or expertise in the role of the Theory of Change in proposal writing.
  • Familiarity and/or expertise in results-based management frameworks.
  • Familiarity and/or expertise in risk assessment and mitigation.
  • Familiarity and/or expertise in quality assurance measures.

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