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What inspires you the most in your role as a Bid Manager?

Bid managers are the sheet anchors of the organization sales engine and they are the drivers of company’s top line. Although the profile of a bid manager is technology agnostic, but the role requires you to be abreast of technical dynamics of the industry in this fast-paced market. Not only they need to know technology part but also be good at the business side to understand the customer challenges and create a unique value proposition with organization’s products/services offerings.

Did you always aspire to be a Bid Manager and Why? or Did you accidentally land in this profession and How?

I never wanted to be a bid manager honestly, and rather was planning to pursue my career in sales, preferably in an FMCG firm post my MBA. But then during my campus placement, even before Day zero, Wipro came and offered me this position and I impulsively said Yes. Post that, I was out of the placement process and had no option but to join them.

But then later I realized, that, presales to sales will be a logical progression and that might be a good stepping stone in my career path and will take me to a customer facing sales profile eventually.

What tactics and strategies did you leverage in your role that ultimately led you to win this award?

There is no such defined template to be a successful bid manager, you just need to be collaborative and resourceful in managing your stakeholders. I believe most of the times, shoulder tapping is  better way of getting the work done than  sending escalation emails.

What advice would you want to give to the next-generation professionals or your peers?

Nobody reads the entire proposal, but everyone reads executive Summary.

DO NOT LEAVE the executive summary for sales executive, rather start owning it.

Unarguably, executive summary is the most valuable part of your proposal It should be attempted (the first draft) right at the beginning before any other sections.

Lastly, as often misunderstood, it is not the summary of your proposal,  rather it’s a summary of your value propositions against customer hot buttons.

Please give us one tip for creating a Winning Proposal?

Simply apply APMP best practices and write the proposals keeping evaluators in mind.

What is something you wish others understood about the importance of Bid Management in today’s market?

The bid manager is pivotal to the sales cycle for any organization selling products or services. He/she is someone who balances the skills that of a project manager and sales executive. Bid Manger is possibly the only individual who is well connected with almost all the functions within the organization and yet remains a client facing role.  It’s a highly responsible, visible and critical role which expects you to be adept in technical, functional, commercial and interpersonal skills.

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