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Proposal Management: Optimizing Time to add Value

Bid/Proposal Management is one of the most dynamic and exhilarating career options that the corporate world has to offer. Anyone who has been through the bid cycle has experienced the adrenaline rush of working within tight deadlines, especially around the last few days prior to the proposal submission.

15 Feb 2019 Posted by adminapmp in APMPIndia Blog 1 comment

Write Case Studies the Way Top Marketers Do

Looking for customer feedback on the product and services has become an essential part of buyer’s journey.
This applies to your prospects as well, who would buy your product and services looking at your proposal response. So before winning their business it’s important to win their trust. This can be done by including compelling case studies as part of your proposal response and increase your probability of win.

02 Dec 2018 Posted by adminapmp in APMPIndia Blog 6 comments